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Lost in the North Woods

Lost in the North Woods

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A new gate has opened into The North Woods, a location set in a world of ancient magic and dark history, where Travelers and Dwellers fight for survival. 

What's in the box? 

  • 3 new figures
  • Standard Gatefall character boards for each figure
  • 3 health markers
  • 6 swamp zombie tokens, 4 drowned tokens and 4 grabbed tokens
  • 1 new game board

*The cards, gate, dice, and an opposing team from Chapter One are needed to play.

More about this series: 

The series pays tribute to elements of Slavic lore and features unique character concepts by Alexei Konev. This expansion features three new fighters from this world: Volhv, Zimorodok, and The Drowned Warrior. 

A look into the characters: 

In the Western Swamp there is death and decay, but also life. Volhv knows of all these things, the call of the solitary beasts, the rot of necrosis and that which feeds upon it, the movement and dance of the eternal stars and pale moon. Volhv can whisper to the dead, waking them from their slumber. He can tend to the living, knitting skin and bone together that was sundered in battle.

The Southern Forests are a majestic natural cathedral of cyclopean trees, beautiful and unearthly sights and smells, and the enticing songs of birds that are too alluring and perfect for human ears. Travelers should heed the advice of the common folk and avoid listening to this music, lest they follow it to their death. Zimorodok's pot is filled with the flesh of such unfortunates, and her clothes are made from their skins and adorned with their bones.

In rare ages the sea is filled with spite and woe and wages war upon the land, waves claiming the earth and devouring the people and creatures living above the water. The Drowned Warrior was once a mortal man, but the kelpies and water maidens took his heart, chained it in iron and replaced it with an urchin. Now he is the rage of the sea, bringing horror and death to land dwellers for his cold wives far below the waves.

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