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Red Flags is a super easy game to learn while you play! Here's how you do it: 

Create 2 card stacks: One with the white cards and one with the red cards, and place them where everyone can reach them. Then choose 1 player to be the 'Single' for the round while everyone else (the matchmakers) grab 4 white (perk) cards and 3 red (red flag) cards from the top of the stacks. 

The matchmakers choose 2 perk cards from their hand to set the Single up with the best date, then take turns reading them out loud.

"Your date is _____ and _______" 

After all of the cards are read, matchmakers each choose a red flag card from their hand to play on the player to their lefts date one at a time. 

"They MAY  _______ and _______ BUT they also _______" 

Players argue why the Single should choose THEIR date over the others. The Single must envision that they would be dating this person long-term. Once the Single chooses a date, the chosen person gets a point (the player can keep the red flag for an easy way to keep score), and the player to the left becomes the new Single.

The first player with 7 points wins!! 

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