Gatefall minis are the same scale as retro action figures. The ones from space with swords of... uh... light...?

(Is our lawyers still looking over here? Don't look. Ok look.)

Easy to learn. Easy to teach. Easy to set up and put away. Custom complexity.

Control as you compete in head-to-head combat to protect your world from intruders. Gatefall is great for players of all types, and lets you use optional complexity to expand your choices if that's what you're into, or just roll some dice and defeat some enemy fighters if you want something more casual.

Preorders open for Gatefall Monsters!

A new team is coming through the gate! Play as The Creature, Dracula, The Monster, The Mummy, or The Invisible Man against the other fighters in your collection!

Why is all of the Gatefall stuff preorder only right now?

We launched the Second Edition of the game last year on Kickstarter, then had a pretty bad car accident push all of our production into this year. Everything is now much better, and the factories are getting going on production. We used the time to make some HUGE upgrades to the design, storage, and gameplay options, and we can't wait to get it to you this summer! We print this passion project game in small batches, so pre-order today to make sure you get the teams you want!

What is needed to play Gatefall

Simply add the Core Components Box to get all of the components you'll need for every game, then add at least two Team Core boxes to get you the teams that will fight each other.


What people are saying about Gatefall:

Check out the video below to see The Dice Tower review of the original first print (before all of the new upgrades to everything).