About Us

At Grim Rabbit Games, we believe in the power of escapism through creativity, humor, and nonsense. Our mission is to create entertaining, unique games that bring people together.

Behind the tiny company:
Grim Rabbit consists of Jack Dire and his wife Nikki Harris. Jack started making weird things on the internet in the early days of social media, such as the burrito rant 'Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito' on Medium. In 2013, he created his first party card game, Superfight, which is published by Skybound. 

After creating more games, including Red Flags, You've Got Problems, and Gatefall, Jack and Nikki launched their own game company to house their projects. They now create and publish their games and are working on expanding their collection. 

Along with their games, they've created a ton of other weird stuff: cabins in parking lots, buried boxes in the desert, a 24/7 livestream of a jar of peanut butter on Twitch, scopes on burritos, questionable music with synthesizers, and posting 182 blink-182 posts in a row on Instagram (and losing 48,000 followers for it) (because someone told us to stop after we posted two in a row) (then we made a book out of the posts) (and those posts contained a hidden treasure hunt in them) (it's a long story). A lot of these types of projects only exist for a short amount of time due to the nature of the art. 

We have a lot of love for our tiny company. We wake up every day excited to expand our vision and create and do more. We look forward to what's to come for Grim Rabbit and thank everyone who is, and has been, along for the ride.
-Jack and Nikki