The gate could be seen for miles. It fell through the night sky and burned a laceration in the world, that led to another world, where other people lived. They were different from any people you had ever seen, and a lot less friendly.

Take control of your team and attack enemies.

Use action points to move around the board and attack opponents. Roll dice for combat. Characters respawn when they are defeated, and can "tag in" a new character while respawning.

Base not actual size. See above picture for proper scale.

Upgrade your team and unlock their special abilities.

Spend the coins that you gain from combat on upgrades for your characters. Once you fully upgrade your character, you unlock their unique abilities.

Lost Boy, for example, unlocks 'False Sun' which deals fatal radiation damage to his opponents.

Build a stronger deck to increase your Action Points.

Spend coins on stronger cards and getting rid of zero cards from your deck in order to increase the Action Points in your hand. These Action Points include movement and combat.


There are a few spots on the internet dedicated to Gatefall players and enthusiasts chatting about the game, sharing their miniature paint jobs, and other things Gatefall. We also drop in to answer your questions and give sneak peeks of teams before they're released. Check it out!



I just found this game. Where do I start?

If you're new to Gatefall: Welcome! We're happy to have you in the Gatefall-verse. First, you'll want to scoop up Gatefall: Chapter One, which features a Post-Apocalyptic team and a Fantasy team. This will have everything that you need to play a 2-player game.
From there, you can grab additional teams to swap out one of those teams, a gate pack to play with more players, upgrade your coins to metal, and more.

How long is gameplay?

A two player game will take around 60-90 minutes.

I'm new to board games, can I play this?

Absolutely. The game mechanics are casual and the rules are digestible.
You won't be constantly picking up the rulebook with this game. All of your stats are listed on your character cards that are positioned infront of you. Each player also gets 2 reference cards in order to have all of the information at your fingertips.

Can I play with more than 2 players?

Gatefall is a modular system. Each team has their own board, and both team boards slide against a gate in the middle. With the purchase of the Gate Pack, you will gain access to 3 and 4 player mode with a triangular and square gate. As long as you have 1-2 other Gatefall teams, you will have everything you need to play. 

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We have A LOT of plans for Gatefall. Here are some of the teams that we have lined up (and that we actually have renders for). There isn't an order beyond the Monsters campaign launching in January. We have a very VERY long list of creations/ ideas, so we are really rooting for this game to do well during their campaigns so that we can keep making them.

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