Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates

The main objective is to compete to see who can create the best date for the Single.

When players get their character sabotaged by a HUGE Red Flag, will they be able to convince the Judge that the Red Flag is totally manageable? Or is it an absolute deal breaker??

Watch your friends as they rotate being the Single and struggle to figure out how to navigate their dates when Red Flags start showing up!!



1. Each player chooses 2 Perk (good) cards from their hand to set the “Single” up with a date, then reads them out loud.

2. After all of the perk cards have been played, players get to take a Red Flag (bad) card, and lay it on top of another players date.

3. Players argue why the Single should choose THEIR character even with their huge RED FLAG, while the Single must envision typical dating activities with the characters.

4. The Single chooses a date, the chosen person gets a point, and the player to the left becomes the new Single.

Great for all Game Nights! Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day Parties, Break-up & Divorce Parties.