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Red Flags Party Game

Red Flags Party Game

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Talk your friends INTO dating Red Flags in the game of terrible dates! 

In Red Flags, you're not just setting up dates, 
you're diving headfirst into a battle royale of persuasion. You've got the perfect date lined up for your friend: They own an island in the Bahamas and believes you're the most attractive person they've ever seen—pretty solid, right?

But here comes the twist. Your friends are gonna try to trip you up by slapping a major Red Flag onto your date. Suddenly, your dreamy date also happens to be the worst-smelling person in the world. Yikes. (Don't worry, you get to lay a Red Flag on one of their dates, too!)

Now, it's time to work your magic. Can you talk your way out of that situation and convince the Single that YORU date is still the one for them? 

Who's got what it takes to score the most points and claim the title of ultimate matchmaker? 


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